Saturday, February 20, 2016

Major TXP-Network Websites, as of February 2016

All currently-running websites

_Official ::
TXP-Network Software Development (SWD) Inc.

TXP-Forumsphere :: Discussions


TXP-Cloud Storage and Programming Interfaces (SPI)

The ReadingRoom 101

  TXP-NewsCast Forum

TXP-MC World Series :: Minecraft Gaming

TXP-Network RPG Maker :: Shadows Rising

TXP-Archivist :: Software Archives

TXP-Media Public Repository

TopHat's Thought Cafe

Me-Andering Mind

_Possible Shutdown in Near Future ::
MathQuicky - The Fast-Answering Math (and off-topic) Forum

TXP-Go! - The world is only a Search Away
(never passed private beta testing)

_Contact Us ::
For donations and Important Inquiry -

For regular business contact -

As mentioned in the last blog posting, GrendelHosting is dying - everything is hosted by Freezoy (at least for now). Freezoy has been a more-than-decent web-host, which is why I am willing to admit that I am putting all of my websites (eggs) on one web-host (basket). They are also up and running, with little-to-no issues! The links are posted above.

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