Sunday, May 24, 2015

Update: May 24nd, 2015

Hello, Again!

I'm planning at least two livestreams/upload events for this week, and a full TXP-Network content update as well. Stay tuned for details pertaining to individual events and updates. The videos will be for Mother's Day and Memorial Day, and will be done as Minecraft gaming (TXP-MC) updates. The website updates will occur on all TXP-Network news feeds that are still serviced (The ReadingRoom 101, TXP-Technologies, TXP-Network_Soft_Dev_Portal, and TXP-MC W.S.). We will also be trying to open the TXP-MC servers for the week, for new players. Hope your upcoming summer will be fun! We will be doing updates until mid August this year. During the Autumn and Winter, we will be pretty much completely offline, and my be able to return during the summer for the next content season. Updates will appear on a day-by-day basis.

P.S. College is life, college is busy.
P.S.s. DeviantART uploads coming soon!

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