Sunday, May 31, 2015

Update: May 31, 2015

I've uploaded two new YouTube videos and am working on getting an Android screen recorder (uploading MC:PE videos, as planned last year). Not only that, but I also have new DeviantART uploads planned. The ReadingRoom 101 will be updated sometime this week as well, and there will be possible updates to the TXP-VOS repo as well (involving Linux 1.0 kernel). My new netbook makes it difficult to record videos while gaming, due to lack of CPU resources (dual core 1.35 GHz), so Twitch will be on the unfortunate back burner (again). BTW, I am no longer updating the MinecraftForum page/profile I have, and plan to delete it. I will be working on doing WynnCraft, SpaceBlock and Technic/mod videos soon! I may even start up TXP-SMP again soon; stay tuned...

P.S. Happy summer! Be safe!
P.S.s. New mini-season starting this week!

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