Saturday, October 24, 2015

Anonymous Quote #1

"We do not inherit obligations due to our pasts. It is simply the responsibility of humanity, in general, to enforce proper ethics and goodwill toward man (meaning mankind, not just men). The fact that someone's ancestors did wrongful deeds in the past does not mean that the future generations owe anything to a generation that can now benefit from an environment influenced by reflection and improvement from a malevolent system of the past. Modern, first-world society has moved on from the archaic ways of slavery and forced labor, and now provides more opportunities than ever for aspiring minds. The fact that the "white man" enforced slavery in the past, by no means, makes it so any caucasians have to pay for what their distant relatives did - they had no part in it. If it were otherwise, we would also have to chastise and punish other races as well - in many tribal areas across the globe, at one point in time or another, slavery occurred whenever one group won, in war, over another. This would include the Native Americans, numerous African nations, and even parts of the Middle East. The victors took the beaten group(s) as slaves and/or servants, and took many of their freedoms away in the process. It's an issue of how people treat each other when they are noticeably different from one another. It's a hatred of anyone that is different from you. It's the lack of empathy for any part of mankind that doesn't act like you. It's as simple as a lack of love, a lack of ethic, and a lack of Jesus, who tells us to care and love one another as brothers and part of the living church. It is truly the root of 'racism' - the nature of sin."

Original date of origin - early 2015

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