Saturday, October 24, 2015

Anonymous Quote #2

"It is the right of all beings to live without fearing for what their predecessors may have done before their time. They had no control over the outcome, and cannot be blamed for that which they had no hand in. With that said, it is still the responsibility of humanity to respect one another and their idiosyncrasies - whether it be in concurrence or in discord. In addition to this, however, it must also be understood that almost anything that we say or do can be interpreted in numerous ways. Therefore, almost anything can offend almost anyone, within some stretch of the imagination. While it should be so that all of mankind should have respect for one another, it is also the responsibility of all to mutually assume that we are not out to blatantly offend one another. Within the assumption of the condition opposing such lies the loss of our right to self-expression. A race that cannot do or realize such is doomed to conflict and division."

Original date of origin - 2015

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