Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year :: New Update - 2016, Winter, January, 1 - Delayed

In response to the following updates for the upcoming year (at the time) ::

In addition to the videos shown earlier (before the New Year rang in), this post is intended to act as a snapshot of the TXP-Network's current state and direction in the near future. As of now, there has been a change in direction with the development of the TXP-VOS. The Unikernel for IncludeOS is being studied, as it could possibly be used directly as (or as inspiration for) the VOS's kernel, which is a vital step in reaching the first testing phase. In addition to this, a new memory managing system is being created. This memory manager, if finalized, will define the valid data types the OS can use. However, this memory manager concept is not set in stone - if the Unikernel has a better alternative, that could be used instead (not known, and not counting on it). In terms of site updates, all TXP-Network websites are down for maintenance, and will be updated during the next content season (not a delayed season). Please note that no new videos will be aired anywhere until then as well. Please feel free to request TXP-Cloud accounts - registration for those will remain open during this downtime. The last item to note is that all copyrights and limitations relating to the TXP-Network have been updated for the new year, and years to come. Happy 2016...

If you are a returning visitor, What's Up On the U-Box?
If you are new here, Welcome to the Galaxy!

And to all, a Good Night!

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