Saturday, August 30, 2014

Recording Twitch and YouTube Videos are Two Different Things...

Quick TXP-Network/TXP-MC Update!

As Twitch has recently announced, all standard users can no longer keep their videos/live-streams (on Twitch servers) for long-term viewing. The only alternatives would either be to make the videos into highlights, export the videos, or upgrade to better account status (becoming a Twitch partner, for example). Therefore, any content that is uploaded to Twitch won't be around for long; but that will not pose an issue for TXP-MC. As of today, let it be known that all TXP-MC videos are live-streamed (for Twitch) and recorded (for YouTube) at the same time. However, those who watch on YouTube have the bonus of being able to see all screens that I bring up, allowing them to see internet/tutorial content as well (when I demonstrate new services, such as I am also looking into YouTube video streaming solutions, which could allow for Twitch and YouTube content to be available at the same time (I currently have to upload to YouTube, which can take variable lengths of time depending on video size). Currently, however, YouTube has a content-update delay of a few hours to a day (content that appears on Twitch will be on YouTube either within the hour or in a day or two). Please note that I cannot control the prose and cons of these solutions; the screen recording software that I use (for YouTube uploads) can only record the whole screen, with no exceptions or options. Twitch, however, is built into Minecraft, and can't record the whole screen; only the Minecraft game window. I can only alleviate the content-update delay. However, that doesn't mean that I will stop recording videos. All Twitch viewers, please note that these videos (if any are still online) are also available on my YouYube page. I simply do not have the money to maintain long-term video storage on Twitch. Besides, Twitch viewers have the E.S.P. (in other words, Twitch viewers get an exclusive first look at videos) for now...

Sunday, August 3, 2014


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