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What's Up on the U-Box?!? - Winter 2016 Review

Originally written on Friday, December 9, 2016

It's TopHatProductions115, with an update long overdue! First of all, sorry that the upload took so long - I had 3 attempts at it on Friday, then had to redo it again. Oh, and almost forgot to mention that I had to do editing/processing. VideoPad has a weird issue with Audio and Video getting out-of-sync, so, had to take an extra 2 days (2 editing sessions) to fix that as well. So now, running about 4-5 days late on this :( I hope you all can see now, why I can't possibly make this a daily thing. I can barely do bi-weekly - and that's without doing major edits. 

Without further ado...

I hope you-all are liking the new Intro! EndCreds may be coming soon. As a season long gone to the winds winds down, with the fun time for gaming videos all but taken for the current season (college), it remains to be seen as to whether or not the TXP-Network can ever push a full, uninterrupted season. However, before going into the break, this video will attempt to discuss a few important topics for the upcoming season and beyond. 

With some emphasis being put on how we react to things both in person and online, I will stress the importance of using our manners and appropriate language while online, for multiple reasons:
 - younger people may see these pages
 - these pages are meant to demo various products, and leaving low-quality comments will detract from the overall experience
 - these pages are also meant to provide information, that of which would lose quality if littered with foul language
 - you're providing people with an excuse to push for political correctness - which you will never like in reality
 - for maturity sake
So please, no inappropriate language - it helps no one, and only incites more flamewars. My videos will not be allowed to turn into hubs for such activity. If I see such, comments will be moderated more strictly. So far, I've seen little-to-no trouble on my uploads and lifestreams, and would like to keep it that way. This is especially a privilege when we play Cards Against Humanity: Online. Content like the videos for this game are no scheduled, and are only here because you the viewers proved that you can handle it (albeit, with age restrictions). Keep up the great work! Also, try to keep active when I'm aloof the Interwebs! Keep asking questions. This video is divided into 4 distinct segments, with accompanying content for each...

Election 2016 - The Importance of Representation, and the topic of Liberty ::
 - Available upon e-mail request...

TXP-Network Update - Winter 2016 :: 
 - Google Drive Development Repo:
- https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B98YR-Jm_dNAN3p1WDFYOUt3QlE?usp=sharing
 - TXP-VOS 0.2 Development Repo:
- https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B98YR-Jm_dNAcnJGXzZOUEJFNjQ

App Quicky - Andronium OS! ::
 - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.andromium.os
The one UI system that makes the newest versions of Android seem on-par with Windows Continuum!
Would recommend for anyone working on Android devices On-the-Go.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Alpha! ::
 - https://minecraft.net/
Mojang - The Creators of Minecraft ::
 - https://mojang.com/

 As an added note, we will also discuss the eBay store and recent moves in hardware upgrading here! Our first upgrade:
 - Sun Microsystems Sunfire v20z [2x AMD Opteron(s) | 2.0GHz | 8GB DDR/DDR2 RAM | 2x 70GB SCSI Drives | Windows Server 2012]
 - HP ProBook 6475b AMD Laptop [AMD A4-4300 | 2.5GHz | 4GB DDR2/DDR3 RAM | 320GB HDD | Windows 10 Pro]

Our second round of sales on eBay (in case you missed the first one):
 - http://www.ebay.com/itm/272481610455?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
 - http://www.ebay.com/itm/272481600546?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
 - http://www.ebay.com/itm/272481591763?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649

If you have any suggestions for future upgrades, please feel free to state your opinions, respectfully, in the comments. More action may be coming soon...

Now for the Announcements for the upcoming season!
Plans for Spring 2017 Season_
 - Minecraft: Pocket Edition Alpha/Minecraft Desktop
 - Halo 5 Forge
 - Brawlhalla
 - RocketLeague
 - PSO 2/PSO 2 Portable/BB (Blue Burst)?
 - Cry of Fear
 - FNaF 1,2,3,4,SL?
 - Pokemon: Uranium?!
 - TBA?!

In addition to all of that, we also have another giveaway coming this Sunday. Stay tuned for more on that!


The TXP-Network has also updated all back-ends for the running websites hosted. Here are the new services:

1) TXP-Network SWD
2) The ReadingRoom 101 (TXP-NewsCast)
3) TXP-Cloud Manager
4) TXP-Technologies 101
5) TXP-Go!
6) TXP-MC World Series
7) TXP-Archivist
8) TXP-Media 
9) TXP-Help Desk
10) TopHat's Thought Cafe
11) Me-Andering Mind

1) CODOFORUM :: TXP-Forumsphere
2) ArticleSetup :: TXP-Commentary
3) BytesFall :: Cloud Management Console
3) ProjectSend :: TXP-Send
3) DirectoryLister :: TXP-Libs
6) Shadows Rising :: RPG Builder Online
8) ClipBucket :: TXP-MediaCast
9) *Acorn Aid :: TXP-Support Feed

* Still being updated - not online yet...

Also, check out Hyun's Dojo sometime!
 - http://hyunsdojo.com/
 - http://hyunsdojo.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=47&t=11622

To the returning watchers, Keep Asking Questions. For any new viewers, Welcome to the Galaxy! And to all you members, Keep it Cool till' next time! This is TXP, Signing Out!

All content included in this media production belongs to its respective owners. TopHatProductions115, TXP-Network, “The ‘Moddish’ Gamer”, and “Welcome to the Galaxy” are all covered under the TXP-Network license agreement, and belong to the TXP-Network owner. The phrase, “Welcome to the Galaxy”, is an exception case, and may be used by anyone - with or without citation. However, you may not claim ownership of the content. Complete licensing info for TXP-Network content and mixed-origin media can be found here:

Do not reproduce without citation and applicable permissions. TXP-Network SWD - 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

October 2016 Update - Halloween in a Few

Hey, Viewers of the U-Box!

It's TopHatProductions115, coming at you with yet another video - this time, an update of sorts.

As you all know, I have recently started playing newer games. The main titles for this season were originally going to be:

RocketLeague, ShellShock Live, Brawlhalla, Gang Beasts Online, Phantasy Star Online 2, Cry of Fear, and Minecraft

Before the start of the Summer Content Season (which was originally was supposed to be off-time for the TXP-Network), basic hardware/software runtime support was installed and tested, to ensure basic compatibility for modern computer gaming. Mac OS X 10.7.5 and Windows 10 were the available non-mobile platforms, and Android 5.0.1 (rooted) was the only available mobile platform for software and game testing. As many of you saw during the initial testing videos during the summer, testing for many of the games in Beta did not go well, and lag was a major issue - even with Intel Core processors on-hand. In addition to this, networking restrictions prevented use of specific hardware that may have handled the stressors better (AMD Turion 2 x64, 2.0 GHz, NVidia GeForce - eth0 only, due to issues with WiFi). While certain optimizations were available at the time, none of them were available for the hardware in use. Due to unexpected technical issues (esp. in Beta Tests), some of the original contenders were cut - and the list of available Let's Play options changed:

RocketLeague, Minecraft, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Pokemon: Uranium, Cards Against Humanity Online, and Brawlhalla

With the start of college, time schedules prevented certain options as well, due to network requirements and start-up times for certain games. As such, more games were swapped - this issue nearly cancelled the current content season a whole month before it even started. As you already know, the options changed yet again:

Minecraft, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Pokemon:Uranium, Cards Against Humanity Online, FNaF: Sister Location, and Cry of Fear

As of now, some of these games may not ever hit the net on this channel. And, it appears as though we have a bit of a hardware issue to take care of:

HP Pavillion tx1305us - AMD Turion 64 x2 :: NVidia GeForce Go 6150 :: 3GB
Windows 10, Linux Elementary
HP 15-g070nr - AMD E1-6010 APU :: Radeon R2 Graphics :: 4GB
Windows 10
Apple Macbook 4,1 :: Intel Core 2 Duo :: Intel GMA X3100 :: 2GB
Mac OS X 10.10.5 Combo Update
iMac 2007 :: Intel Core 2 Duo :: -- :: 1GB
Mac OS X 10.6.8 Final
Sun Microsystems Sunfire v20z :: AMD Opteron (2) :: Integrated VGA :: 4GB

If examined quickly, many hardware enthusiasts would realize that 1/5 of the entries are clocked under 2.0GHz, and cannot perform any true power computing/gaming - it happens to be the main 'rig' used in many of our videos on YouTube. In addition to this, another laptop listed appears to be running a version number that is officially outside of its intended support range - that was the one used for playing Minecraft during the late Summer, and hasn't been used to do so since the update from 10.7.5 (OpenGL context). After Windows 10 came out, it performed extremely well for its specs - until the 2015/2016 transition updates came out. After the transition (before the Anniversary Update), the computer performed worse - not to mention the trials with AMD Overdrive/AMD Catalyst. Even with the revertion to default drivers and some optimization, this laptop simply won't be able to play another game. As such, its data will be transferred to a new computer when the time comes, and more RAM will be bought for the iMac, in an attempt to enable more hardware for normal functionalities.

Until then, however, very few uploads will appear on this channel :(

We don't intend to leave you hanging - it's just a technical limitation. We also had to wait for hardware prices to drop a bit before making this move, so that played a factor, too. The models we were looking at were all 350 USD and above, but now they're much lower in cost (100 USD lower to be exact). As such, a purchase may be coming soon - and this is where you the viewers come in!

We're going to be selling a few things on eBay soon, to get our funds built up for this. In addition to this, we also have a few donation outlets that we will be announcing during subsequent videos and livestreams (in addition to our Minecraft server, Ningo e-mail, and PayPal page). If you want to buy a few components, old games, or whatever else, we'll leave a link in the video description for you to check out the eBay store! This also helps to fuel the TXP-VOS development cause as well, and could even speed up time scedules for delayed projects. So, if you want to help out, stay tuned for more details...

Well, this concludes our time here today - we hope to see you again in our next event...

If you want to be in our next video, be sure to contact us before the beginning of each business week, between the hours of 8AM and 5PM EST.
If you're new to the channel, check out our other videos - and feel free to ask questions.
If you're a returning watcher, please consider subscribing for more content.
Leave a Like if you feel like it!
For any newcomers who are new here, Welcome to the Galaxy!

TXP, signing out.

Friday, June 24, 2016

TXP-Network Update :: 06/24/2016

Dear TXP-Network Users and Content Creators,

It's been a long time coming, and I hope to continue all current services in the future. However, it is with a small sigh that I announce: TXP-Go! will no longer be under active development. Due to the technical limitations exhibited and lack of resources proper, we cannot provide the personal search engine with the current server providers. .
However, there is good news to cancel this out. Development of the V.O.S., while delayed once again, will continue into the winter months. Due to the fact that the V.O.S. only has one active developer working on it, the release date is being set to either summer 2017 or indefinite. Since the developer is still in college it would be better if development did not interfere with their studies. While development will continue into the Autumn and Winter months, it will be slower than what was recently observed in the Google Drive repo. The Bootloader and Kernel are undergoing a second redesign, and the shell will follow soon afterward. To see more on this, please be sure to read the comments in the code - they are written as descriptively as possible. As such, there are also citations/links to where content and designs are derived from. Please note that the ASM used is in *Intel syntax, and as such, may not be compatible with other code, depending upon what you are using. The new Kernel is meant to be more GRUB-oriented and modular, allowing for ease of updates if a next version is ever put in the works. Linker scripts are not provided yet due to the fact that debugging is still underway - releasing defective code is not the intention. As such, while the code present may also have errors/bugs, they are currently being weeded out. .
The most interesting point may be that TXP-JSI could be getting a revamp soon. That will be kept on Google Drive as well when the updates start. If you don't know what TXP-JSI is, please head over to GitHub for a quick look at the older version. It's a concept idea, and is still in development. However, TXP-MC Server C-Panel will not be revamped.
If you are interested in helping, please note that the requirements for requesting to join the project have changed: C/C++ and NASM programmers are needed currently. A working knowledge of these languages implies that you know how to access hardware/interrupts as well. Please refer to the *OSDev Wiki for details on that. If (by some rare chance) you wish to use some code that is (somehow) specific to this project, please feel free to e-mail a permission request. .
As of late May, TXP-Network/TopHatProductions115 has been away from video creation - sorry. FantasticRileyTV is currently standing in. Please treat him as you would TopHat, and realise that one person can't do everything, everywhere. As such, TXP-MC was planning to do some *GangBeasts gameplay recently - it's long overdue. Along with some other games off of *Steam. And, of course, Minecraft :) Please note that the current content season is delayed, and will start in July. The next content season starts in the Autumn, around September 2nd. That will be kickstarted with some gameplay in Minecraft 1.10 or the latest snapshot. .
As for all other social media, *StackXchange and *Quora are the places to be - it's where TXP-Network answers questions :) *Comicvine and *KillerMovie Forums are nice. And *Twitch is still a thing. Just not a big thing, so livestreams will done as follows:
- If it's *Minecraft, *Twitch is 50/50
- If it's not, *YouTube always comes first
- If it's laggy, it's *YouTube-only
- If not, *Twitch could get a new video
- If it's a review, it's not for *Twitch
- If it's a series, there is a chance that some episodes may become *Twitch exclusives
- Else, it's up in the air

* Not owned by TopHat or TXP-Net10

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Windows Has Its Moments - Coming Soon!

Maybe Windows could have turned out better. Maybe not. Through the course of computer history, Microsoft has made moves with its prized OS, Windows (and related products), that have been genius, average, or just plain stupid.  In this blurb, I will be going over my personal, Top 5 Moves in Hardware, Software, and Compatibility that Microsoft made with the Microsoft Windows OS (and related products), starting from Windows 93 (anyone who hasn't been living under a rock for the last 25 years will get that one). I hope you enjoy!

1) Windows XP and "LongHorn" (tech enthusiasts will know what this is)

2) Windows Mobile OS - COMPAQ iPAQ

3) Microsoft Zune and Zune HD

4) Microsoft POSIX Subsystem attempt - Interix

5) Microsoft Office Online

Please note that I have left Windows 10 off of this list. It took me some time to compile this, and after months of scouring the internet, I have no reason to put any versions of Windows OS after 7 on this list. While Windows 10 started out as a decent rendition of the OS, they left too many bugs and issues in the final product for my liking. I have seen enough to say that Windows 10 is a patch job, and a rushed one at that. The Insider Program is the only reason that I really "upgraded" to Windows 10, and I might even rollback to Windows 7. While I was happy with their initial take at this, I am now disappointed - they have a slew of issues that even their engineers can't currently handle, leaving customers in the dark. I feel even worse for those who bought pro licences and above. The review I did of it was for the first version of the update. If you can, rollback to that and see if it works (jk - not recommended).

More coming soon...

Source links::
Coming soon!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Water Damage - HowTo Fix!

What's up on the U-Box?
It's TopHat again - this time, with a hardware guide! With the advent of mobile technologies, our mobile devices go EVERYWHERE with us - they can even take the place of full-fledged computers at times. But, sometimes, they get to a place they shouldn't be - like water. While companies like Samsung are already making water-resistant and water-proof devices, Apple and the rest haven't caught on yet. So, when it does (very likely - not definite), it's important to have an idea of what to do. Here's a simple check list of what to do.

- Move quickly, and remove the phone ASAP
- Power off the phone ASAP
- Disconnect all power sources
- Remove all removable parts and chips

This check list accomplishes a set of acceptable safety and damage-controlling measures set by most people, and the TXP-Network. First of all, reduce the damage that initially occurs - remove the phone to prevent prolonged exposure of delicate circuits to water. This step is important because water is usually a good conductor of electricity - a bit too good. As a result, any power source near or in water is in danger of being damaged.

Let me explain - anything that a) has differing electrical charges in its composition b) which are free to move about and flow, can conduct electricity to some capacity. Water, by itself, is barely conductive as it is - covalent bonded, polar molecule. It won't do much damage on it's own. I still wouldn't test it - oxidation is an enemy to all applicable metals and metalloids, and it has no definite time frame. But, what about tap water? Looks like fluoride takes the cake. While it's good for your teeth in small amounts, this halogen is also used in the production of salts - which are ionic bonded. This, and other minerals in water, can damage your phone - they are considered ions.

When you drop an unsuspecting circuit into 'regular' water from the tap, the ion-rich solution comes in contact with activated electrical circuits. The electricity flows to both the intended circuit(s) and the water the circuit is submerged in. This ion-rich water sends electricity to parts of the circuit that weren't meant to have power at the time - it short circuits and electrocutes the phone. Ouch!

This also partially explains the second part - power off the device. This reduces the chances of damage by deactivating the device and halting the general flow of electricity. While you're at it, you will also want to remove the battery, removing the source of electricity from the equation. This also enhances safety - you can be harmed by the electrical power in a smartphone - just not lethally. Seeing that your hand is most likely in water when pulling the phone out, this is especially important.

Now, remove your SD cards (external storage devices), SIM cards (removable system components), and your mobile card reader (removable external components). Remove any casings you can. Open the phone as much as possible. Hold the phone in a position that safely allows for the water to flow out of the device as fast as possible. This is another step for reducing exposure to water.

You now have two courses of action you may follow - rice or alcohol. Notice that I did NOT mention sun/air drying the phone. That is a conduit for oxidation and corrosion damage. By burying your phone in rice or soaking it in alcohol, you are further removing water from the phone. This reduces the damage done. Both need to occur over the course of a couple hours. Your phone should function just fine after this. However, I suggest the alcohol method if your phone was subjected to more than just water (and in most cases). With that said, I hope that you did not actually have to use this guide (but then, why are you here? :).

Good Day!

Sources ::

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Major TXP-Network Websites, as of February 2016

All currently-running websites

_Official ::
TXP-Network Software Development (SWD) Inc.

TXP-Forumsphere :: Discussions


TXP-Cloud Storage and Programming Interfaces (SPI)

The ReadingRoom 101

  TXP-NewsCast Forum

TXP-MC World Series :: Minecraft Gaming

TXP-Network RPG Maker :: Shadows Rising

TXP-Archivist :: Software Archives

TXP-Media Public Repository

TopHat's Thought Cafe

Me-Andering Mind

_Possible Shutdown in Near Future ::
MathQuicky - The Fast-Answering Math (and off-topic) Forum

TXP-Go! - The world is only a Search Away
(never passed private beta testing)

_Contact Us ::
For donations and Important Inquiry -

For regular business contact -

As mentioned in the last blog posting, GrendelHosting is dying - everything is hosted by Freezoy (at least for now). Freezoy has been a more-than-decent web-host, which is why I am willing to admit that I am putting all of my websites (eggs) on one web-host (basket). They are also up and running, with little-to-no issues! The links are posted above.

TXP-Network College Update :: 02/20/16

Hey guys! What's Up on the U-Box?!?

How was your week? Your month? Your previous year? Weird questions, right? Until you realize that I've been pretty much offline for most of 2016, post-January so far. As such, I have a lot of catching up to do. Let's start with somethings that would be more important to you, the users and viewers.

- TXP-Cloud is in danger of being halted/cancelled - again. And TXP-Go! is dead for now. Pretty sad stuff, right?

TXP-Cloud was pretty difficult to accommodate for, and originally, it was planned that it would be killed off by the end of last year. But, due to a chain of circumstances, that pretty much edge on being miraculous, TXP-Cloud was made possible for the long-term.

TXP-Cloud was conceived around the same time that the TXP-Network was undergoing major changes and updates. During this particular update, the websites for TXP-Network SWD, TXP-Technologies, The ReadingRoom 101, and TXP-MC World Series were all being given new life. In the past, all of these websites were made in custom HTML 4, and were designed to be static pages that were read from top to bottom. They were also hosted on GrendelHosting, and made use of a great deal of external scripts to operate (ex. the js navigation drop-down menu, the 3D photo gallery, etc.)
During the update, however, these websites were transferred to HTML 5 templates (HTML5Up), and moved to Freezoy. The host that was originally planned for TXP-Cloud, due to the loose limitations and decent programming environment, was GrendelHosting. However, in an effort to simplify managing all websites simultaneously, TXP-Cloud was sent over to Freezoy as well - it didn't go over too well. As a result, TXP-Cloud was sent back to GrendelHosting, causing for the TXP-Network sub-domains to be slightly different (.freezoy.com versus .grn.cc).
Freezoy was (and still is) good for websites that require very little data storage, and are simply viewed, rather than those that work off of interaction and dynamic data exchange (cloud platform). As such, TXP-Cloud and TXP-Go! would obviously do better with GrendelHosting, which had fewer restrictions on what could and couldn't be hosted on their servers. This worked for a while, but won't work for much longer. GrendelHosting is dying.
As such, TXP-Cloud and TXP-Go! (two major TXP-Network websites) have to be moved to new locations by the beginning of March. As of now, all websites are down for updates and maintenance, and there;s no telling when they'll be going back up. In relation to those who may ask, "Why not InfinityFree?", here is an unsent snippet of my experience with them (not as good as GrendelHosting - never going back):

Dear InfinityFree,
As you have stated before, GrendelHosting is going away in a few weeks. As such, I have attempted to move one of my websites from GrendelHosting servers to the new InfinityFree servers. However, this is proving to be a bit problematic, to say the least. In the past, while using GrendelHosting, my websites rarely went down, and when they did go down, I was usually given a reason for why it had gone down. In addition to this, GrendelHosting also had expedient customer service, which made it easy to communicate with them and fix any issues that they had with my website(s). As such, I have hosted around 5-6 websites with them in the past. Now, due to changes in how I provide content on the internet, things have changed. TXP-Cloud is one of my main websites, and as such, I would like for it to stick around for a while. But, with the way it's been going so far, it's getting more and more difficult to keep all of my websites online - especially when I get an e-mail that goes like this:

Dear user,

Your InfinityFree account with username ************* has been suspended! Your website is currently offline and control panel functionality has been limited severely.
The following reason was reported for your suspension:


If you want to request reactivation, please send an e-mail to ###################. Be sure to include your account username 
************* and to state clearly that this is regarding an account suspension.

Thank you for using our services,

**Please note the following line:**

How am I supposed to know what I've done wrong? Things like this force me to initiate redundancy systems:


In addition to this, I had to wait 1-2 days for a customer service response, which left any website visitors I had with no service or information about my service for 2-3 days (my website is still down). I'm a fulltime college student, and have lot's of things to manage besides this website (which is one of over 10 that I currently manage). But TXP-Cloud means a lot to me - I can't just let this go. I've been working with the following webhosts over the years:


And possibly others that I can't recall at the moment. All of these web-hosts provided two things in common - expedient response channels and plainly-delineated rules/limitations. When I mention rules/limitations, I am referring to what I am and am not allowed to do with my website at any given time. I was having noticeable issues with FTP transfers when uploading my website, and as a result, never finished moving all files. Then, mid-transfer, the website suddenly stopped working - no transfers were allowed, and the index.html file did not display when I went to the website URL. Disruptions like this make it difficult to move websites, especially when there's a time limit. I hope that we can agree on that. As such, I am forced to reconsider my hosting options, in an effort to provide a seamless service. I would like to stay on InfinityFree - but in order to do so, the type of ambitiousness observed above needs to stop. This is something I've never encountered before from the web-hosts I mentioned above. Please, work with me instead of against me.

Internet Content Provider,

As you can see, since I didn't even send this in, I have already lost my patience for this particular web-host. In fact, this is pretty much the only web-host that has done me in like this before. And, to add insult to injury, the only reason this was ever resolved  was due to my Freezoy account - somehow (not to my knowledge), the Freezoy account I had had for years was now linked to the InfinityFree account I had just made one day ago. At this point, issues with the InfinityFree account had effects that trickled over to my previously well-to-do Freezoy account. The account that had had no issues for months on end. Come to find out, InfinityFree and Freezoy use the same service provider, which caused for both of my unsuspecting accounts to be linked - without me knowing it. This caused for a lot of website shutdowns recently, and put me on edge, to say the least. The Freezoy account, and its decent customer service, saved my tail when InfinityFree came crashing down.
I'm just glad I didn't give them a dollar or two for online services. But, I digress. Currently, I'm working to see if I can somehow get TXP-Cloud hosted on Freezoy. It will be difficult (if not impossible), but I want to have something that I provide at some point, instead of just being another voice on the interwebs. :) With the way things are going right now, TXP-Go! may have to be pushed back to 2018. In other words, during my time in college, one of my web-hosts died. Now, I have to react - before I loose my websites (TXP-Cloud and TXP-Go!). And I still haven't updated any of the websites since December 2015 - thanks in part to InfinityFree for the unsightly delay. Playing catch-up isn't fun...

Now for point two...

- I answer questions and do discussions on the internet - hit me up on a request sometime!

I answer questions on the following websites:

Stack Exchange



PhysicsForum (someone may be interested in the site that I only posted on once a year until 2014?)

Science Forum (another abandoned interest that never really took off)

CodeCall Forums (the site I went to while I was actively programming in more than 5 languages)

CNet (where my tech interest began - n00b years)

Last point -

- I haven't been on YouTube in a while - sorry for he delayed content season :(

Due to the issues delineated above, in addition to the approaching midterms, I have had little time for fun. Heck, even my friends on Skype haven't heard from me. But I'm not dead, and I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth. There. But the content season will have to wait - maybe late February (29th)? I'll see if I can do the following - the new Transformers mod, the latest 1.9 update (I did a blog post about this weeks ago), a new Map (with TreeHugger10 and others) and possibly, some WynnCraft. I say WynnCraft with a heavy if - things have changed on that server, and the mods were not of much help. But I, as a TXP-MC member, think we can make the best of a situation handed to us. The new system is a bit strange, so we will have to learn the following:

1) What are the 4 new reserved slots for? **
1a) How does a player use them? **
2) Do Liquid Emeralds still work/apply? **
2a) Can they be converted/used at banks? **
3) Our Skill Points were reset, and we was given 35 or so points when I entered the Update Room
- Is this the amount of points we had before, or a fixed/default amount?
4) Our Items were all reset, and we had to re-Identify whatever we could afford. We also lost all Powder Effects.
- Should item re-Identification cause loss of previous Effects? **
- How will Powders work in the next Update (heard that they were being worked on currently)?
5) Since the Update, all of our armor is also unusable.
- Is this normal?
- Should we re-Identify this as well, or start from scratch?
6) We heard that there was a supposed lag issue - this includes me.
- Are there any optimizations you could suggest for our computers during gameplay?
7) Should we start a new class instead of trying to redo everything we had before? **

As such, answering these questions will allow us to adapt to the newer WynnCraft. Please keep in mind that some of these questions have already been answered **. I may be discussiong those in an upcoming video about the new WynnCraft servers. If you have any questions, be sure to hit TXP-MC up when the site comes back again - or try my business e-mail (posted on the YouTube page). I may also do some other videogames over Easter and Spring break if all goes as planned - but don't count on it. :(

I believe that constitutes the majority of what I meant to mention. I'll cover other things in the upcoming TXP-Network update.

Oh - remember this? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVpLUvZlHWw
TeamXtreme still doesn't work on Windows 10, and TXP-MC will be providing a download link for an alternative in a few days.

Until then, here is the alternate download:

Peace! :)

TopHatProductions115 - 2016

Monday, February 8, 2016

A New Channel to Check Out!


What's Up On The U-Box?

It's been a while, and the new content season starts today! But, to kick off the new season, I give you a channel or two that you can watch during your favourite content creator's downtime:


FantasticRileyTv (FantasticProductions)

AwSomeTree10 (TreeHugger10)

For more, just head to the TopHat homepage and look through the featured channels!

Keep it Cool!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

What I'd Like to See in Minecraft 1.9

Yesterday, I wrote a post about the new combat update and what I liked, overall, about it. Today, I'll give a list of changes and additions I'd like to see inGame. Please bear inMind that these suggestions were compiled from various resources from across the internet, and personal gaming experience. Props to Reddit, props to PvP'rs, props to builders. Let's start with changes:

- CobWebs should catch certain items. Seriously.
- Boats should never have required shovels.
- Boats should never be faster onLand than a sprinting player. Logic.
- Sneaking should not cost you hunger. Ever.
- Lapiz is overrated. Kill it. It's a gimmick.
- Enchantments inGeneral need an overhaul. Start with adjustments to Strength and Power enchants.
- Please mark the spawnpoint again. I want to remember where I spawned.
- Where's my Sky Dimension?

Now, for the additions:

- New structures and dungeons (more variable adventure elements).
- New mobs (bosses mainly).
- Adventure log that tracks your coordinates (not forced to F3 constantly).
- Strafing and dodging for players and mobs. Double tap directional keys to strafe/dodge in the given direction. Sprint stays the same (tap and hold).
- Better blocking - also, please improve hit boxes. Critical hit enhancements are nice too.
- New projectile physics that account for movement of the projectile's source (for bows and throwables).
- We want crossbows (new weapons), and we want straighter projectile paths (new enchantment).
- Armor damage zones - a hit to the torso does not damage my helmet.
- Minimal weapons cooldown - limit spamming, while not disabling the player (hordes are already dangerous enough).
- New weapons - long sword, short sword, dagger, spear, bow staff, battle axe, war hammer. We wants destructive power.
- Can XP be used to repair selected items in Inventory? Would be nice...
- Backpacks? Portable Crafting Tables?
- Server lag and ping issues should not affect PvP the way it currently does. It hurts the multiplayer experience.
- Dual Wielding (and dominant hand preference). No confusion here.
- A more generally-Unified combat experience, as outlined in my previous blog post.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

The 1.9 Update - Why I Won't Be Reviewing Any Further SnapShots

Hi, again! As you may or may not know, I did a review of a snapshot for the upcoming Minecraft 1.9 update last autumn (one of the earlier snapshots - August):


A few months later, J626w and I were playing around with some new mechanics and items added in a somewhat later snapshot (around November 2015 - no video of this).

In the original review, I remember noting the following:

- New damage animations for when you hit and kill mobs
- New building blocks and bricks - Purpur, Prismarine, End, etc.
- New items - Banners, EnderDragon head (Redstone powered), etc.
- New mobs - EndMites, Shulkers, etc.
- New effects and enchantment options - levitation (for players), effects for arrows, etc.
- New Combat Mechanics - Sword-andShield combination, Use of both hands, etc.

Keep in mind, I had to cover as much as possible in this review. It may have been a bit boring, but it was done this way to ensure that I wasn’t skipping anything. In retrospect, I liked most of the new update - it was enjoyable, and added a lot to the overall game experience. New arrow effects made long-range weapons way more versatile, and now they aren’t just offensive weapons. They can be used for marking and close-range tracking, illuminating targets even through blocks! The new mobs added a degree of difficulty to the game in the End department, making the fight against the EnderDragon more difficult and more strategy-based. Oh - and the EnderDragon head is a nice trophy for anyone who slays the EnderDragon in unadulterated Survival game-mode. The new building blocks added more creative possibility to the game and also gives players a bit more reason to go into the End, rather than altogether avoiding it. In addition to this, new tweaks to effects and potions have aided in balancing gameplay and PvP - a great touch to the multiplayer aspect of the game. Oh - did I also mention that you can change the color of your shields? Nice, right? 

Oh wait, there’s more!

LogDotZip, in September 2015, delineates more of 1.9’s creative aspect - with more emphasis on weapons and armors. Customized weapons are now an inGame feature, not requiring mods. They can even have customized textures. But, there’s even more to this update.

Remember J626w? Yes - it was during this multiplayer session that I was introduced to the new flight mechanics! Players can now play around with gliding - we can has wings (well, Elytra, but still)! Here’s what Mumbo Jumbo had to say about them:

On a side note, boats got wrecked, so that left a bit of sour in my mouth, but flying made up for that entirely. But, we can use both hands now - Sword and Shield combinations allow for attack and defense-based fighting, and we can even hold two swords at once. But hold your horses - you can’t dual-wield! 


I digress, I still liked the rest of the update, and that can be fixed later.

But, there was one thing that always irked me - since my first snapshot review for Minecraft 1.9. While most of the new Combat changes were pretty decent in nature, the addition of the new attack-charging system was underwhelming at best. It has it’s upsides and downsides (as all changes do), but this one has mainly one huge downside, overturning any positive changes it may have produced. With the new combat system, you have a new bar onScreen - a charge bar, if you will. This bar is connected to a new ability - players can now do charged attacks (with some obvious delay), putting obvious emphasis on dodging and timing attacks. While this new bar adds a strategy aspect to the game, it also depletes when you perform attacks and take damage. At first, it seems almost expected - it’s similar to a stamina bar, right? Well, no. 

Firstly, it’s only connected to combat - it’s more of just a charge bar than a full-out stamina bar. More about it here:

 Also, the more the bar depletes, the less power each subsequent attack will have. It’s a good concept, but it runs out all too quickly, and has one other obvious defect - it’s separate from hunger, and it’s not stamina. What is it? It only serves as a limit on how often you can attack in any given time - good luck trying to hold off more than one enemy at once. It’s more of a annoyance-based hindrance than a strategy aspect. It has no apparent connection to existing mechanics other than combat, and simply leaves the player vulnerable to hordes. Unfortunately, after this update, it appears as though I was (and still am)* better at sword fighting than Steve when it comes to endurance and overall power-on-impact.

*By the way, that was nearly a year ago, when I was beginning to learn swordplay for the first time - I haven’t practiced since. 

Fighting against multiple enemies simultaneously has become pretty much a fool’s move in this new context (the new snapshot), and staying out at night or in caves becomes more of an unnecessary risk - especially when players like I, know how to strip mine well enough that we never really need to encounter caves. We can get everything without specifically seeking out a cave or abandoned mineshaft. The only exception to this would be in wanting to find a dungeon - but seriously, that just helps my case. The mob spawner would overwhelm you in single-player. We can pretty much give up playing in hardcore as well - hordes become way more common in this game-mode. The only reason that I wouldn’t be affected by this would be due to how I situate my houses in Survival - they’re always at least 8-10 blocks off the ground, and have a dirt patio attached to the side, for growing trees and wheat. The only thing I have to leave the house for is stone - oh wait, cobblestone generator anyone? The only thing I need to leave my sky house for is metal, and I'll never need that if I stay airborne. I can get that through strip mining (placing torches every-so-often), allowing me to avoid the mobs almost entirely. 

But back to my main point - the new ‘charge bar’ will not make Minecraft any better. It just causes players to avoid one challenge, while loosing access to an aspect of gameplay that was previously more enjoyable. The ‘charge bar’ just becomes another thing onScreen to watch, detracting from the actual focus of performing combat. It has no value itself. It adds no value to the Minecraft experience. In fact, it subtracts value. With this, I now offer a suitable fix for the observed issue, as proposed and delineated by Captain_Quacer of Reddit:

I think a stamina bar would add more to the strategy of Minecraft then this charge attacking thing. Stamina should be depleted from any act, but running takes the most, and jumping and fighting a little more then standard attack. Hunger kind of acts as a stamina indirectly. So hunger would no longer be lost directly by your activity, but rather for recharging the stamina bar.

Reddit User: Capain_Quacer

As you can see, this would link the loss in offensive and defensive effectiveness to an existing mechanic, and unify what would be scattered in the snapshot implementation. Instead of running and jumping, taxing the hunger bar, and combat depleting the ‘charge bar’, all physical activity directly affects the Stamina bar. Refilling the Stamina bar (a logical metaphor to metabolism IRL) then taxes the hunger bar. While the Stamina bar can be refilled on-the-go, the Hunger bar needs to be filled, as usual, by having the player ‘eat’. One is short-term, the other is long term. This is how some of us think this issue should be handled. Others of us would like for this to be done away with completely. And for this, I offer the following - make the new Combat update an optional change. In other words, ship it with the final product, and allow players to have it either turned on or off. This would cater to a wide variety of players, and leave the game unscathed. As it stands, however, I already know some players who won’t be updating to the latest version when 1.9 comes out. This is a problem that only Mojang can solve. Now is NOT the time to make a useless void that mod creators have to fill. Mods should be used for creativity - not for fixing fundamental game mechanics that could have been handled better by Mojang.

With this, I end my tirade.

TopHat, signing out.

Edit:: New Combat Strategy for 1.9 Environment


Edit:: New FollowUp Post for the next Snapshot


Friday, January 15, 2016

Update :: 1/11/16 (re-Post)


For the past season or two, most of the content has been posted to YouTube and other major mirrors across the web. Please be sure to check the official blog for updates and possible uploads for specific websites. DeviantART is due for a group of five uploads this Spring. If you have been watching YouTube or the BlogSpot, you will know that the next season starts in the Spring. We skipped the Winter sub-season this year, and have extended our Winter Intermission period to allow for time for the recent New Year's LiveStreams, V.O.S. development, and planning for the upcoming content season on YouTube and Twitch (this has to come back soon). In addition to this, new electronic equipment has also been acquired - we will be testing and reviewing these devices soon. In addition to this, they will also be used for future videos, such as mobile gaming and app testing. Website updates for all major TXP-Network websites are scheduled for late Spring 2016. V.O.S. development is scheduled to enter beta testing December of this year. Stay Tuned for more...

To all of you who aren't on break for any reason, I'm there with you. I have to do homework and study content through the break. Can't wait for a real break, like the summer or winter vacation getaway (this coming year)! 

For all of you who do have a break, enjoy it - school is coming (or has already come back in-session). Do your best - final stretch to the summer...

In addition to this, gotta plan for the next season, and all of the content (15+ websites to update). That's fun...

And to all, a good year - Welcome to the Galaxy - 2016!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

TXP Network Updates - New Year's Is Coming! - Pt 3

New Year :: New Update - 2016, Winter, January, 1 - Delayed

In response to the following updates for the upcoming year (at the time) ::


In addition to the videos shown earlier (before the New Year rang in), this post is intended to act as a snapshot of the TXP-Network's current state and direction in the near future. As of now, there has been a change in direction with the development of the TXP-VOS. The Unikernel for IncludeOS is being studied, as it could possibly be used directly as (or as inspiration for) the VOS's kernel, which is a vital step in reaching the first testing phase. In addition to this, a new memory managing system is being created. This memory manager, if finalized, will define the valid data types the OS can use. However, this memory manager concept is not set in stone - if the Unikernel has a better alternative, that could be used instead (not known, and not counting on it). In terms of site updates, all TXP-Network websites are down for maintenance, and will be updated during the next content season (not a delayed season). Please note that no new videos will be aired anywhere until then as well. Please feel free to request TXP-Cloud accounts - registration for those will remain open during this downtime. The last item to note is that all copyrights and limitations relating to the TXP-Network have been updated for the new year, and years to come. Happy 2016...

If you are a returning visitor, What's Up On the U-Box?
If you are new here, Welcome to the Galaxy!

And to all, a Good Night!