Sunday, May 31, 2015

Update: May 31, 2015

I've uploaded two new YouTube videos and am working on getting an Android screen recorder (uploading MC:PE videos, as planned last year). Not only that, but I also have new DeviantART uploads planned. The ReadingRoom 101 will be updated sometime this week as well, and there will be possible updates to the TXP-VOS repo as well (involving Linux 1.0 kernel). My new netbook makes it difficult to record videos while gaming, due to lack of CPU resources (dual core 1.35 GHz), so Twitch will be on the unfortunate back burner (again). BTW, I am no longer updating the MinecraftForum page/profile I have, and plan to delete it. I will be working on doing WynnCraft, SpaceBlock and Technic/mod videos soon! I may even start up TXP-SMP again soon; stay tuned...

P.S. Happy summer! Be safe!
P.S.s. New mini-season starting this week!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Update: May 24nd, 2015

Hello, Again!

I'm planning at least two livestreams/upload events for this week, and a full TXP-Network content update as well. Stay tuned for details pertaining to individual events and updates. The videos will be for Mother's Day and Memorial Day, and will be done as Minecraft gaming (TXP-MC) updates. The website updates will occur on all TXP-Network news feeds that are still serviced (The ReadingRoom 101, TXP-Technologies, TXP-Network_Soft_Dev_Portal, and TXP-MC W.S.). We will also be trying to open the TXP-MC servers for the week, for new players. Hope your upcoming summer will be fun! We will be doing updates until mid August this year. During the Autumn and Winter, we will be pretty much completely offline, and my be able to return during the summer for the next content season. Updates will appear on a day-by-day basis.

P.S. College is life, college is busy.
P.S.s. DeviantART uploads coming soon!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

TXP-Scholar Update #2 - I'm Going to College (again)!

Community college finals are coming up this week, and I have admissions requirements to meet (writing essays, getting doctor's notes, etc.). It's going to be a bit busy, but not as busy as it was when I last caught up with you guys (hectic to say the least). I hope that I will be able to top the Mother's Day event I pulled, because I didn't prepare for it as well as I usually do. I usually have video events, video guests, and new media uploads ready for you guys, but the tight schedule got in the way for the first time in months. So, I may try to do a late event/upload. That means I may do a new gaming video, update video, and blog post. I also plan to start updating all websites again before the summer hits. Stay tuned; I'm going to college before the fall season even gets a chance to settle in! I'll make sure to keep all of you in the loop where possible...

P.S. I'm always a student first, programmer second, content creator third!
P.S.s. I'll be busy for a while, now; what did I just get myself into?

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Animes That I've Seen

Animes I've seen (all available episodes) - Excluding the OVAs (mostly):
Sword Art Online (all)
Accel World (all)
Infinite Stratos/IS (all)
Full Metal Alchemist/FMA Brotherhood (all)
Arpeggio::Blue Steel (incomplete)
RWBY (all - so far)
Akame Ga Kill (1 - first)
Date A Live (all)
Guilty Crown (all)
Angel Beats (1 - first)
Steel Angel Kurumi (1 - first)
A Certain Magical Index (1 - excluded A Certain Scientific RailGun)
Assassination Classroom (all)
Riddle Story of Devil (1 - first)
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon (all)
Aldnoah.Zero(Netflix only)
Gonna be a TwinTail (all)
Birdy The Mighty: Decode - modern adaptation from 2011-2013 (all)
The Fruit of Grisaia (all)
Dragon Ball (full series - excluding newest one)
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet
One-Punch Man (all current episodes and OVAs)

Working on:
More coming soon!
Stay Tuned...

Update: May 2nd, 2015

Hey, Galaxy Members!

I'm sorry for not getting back to you (in the form of updates and videos) in a while; I have a lot on my plate currently. Between school, driving lessons, and providing electronic device services, it's been tight in terms of finding time. I currently am, and have been for two semesters, attending both high school and college. The homework is tedious, to say the least, and essays are a common thing at this time. I'm also preparing for my first AP test, and will have finished my third college class by the time I graduate high school this month. But, I have also managed to update the TXP-VOS Google Drive repo, and have optimized the system desing a bit by removing a few dependency libraries. For more on that, go here:

In terms of project updates (SWPUs), TXP-JSI, TXP-CGX (local CGI app runtime attempt), and TXP-VOS are the only current running projects. TXP-MC Server C-Panel, as stated before, was finalized a few months ago, and will not recieve any further active development. The TXP-MC Power Surge mod is another project that hasbeen put on hold, due to the fact that I am not as Java savvy as I once was, and I don't expect to finish the mod anytime soon. I also have due dates to meet (TXP-VOS), and can't afford to loose anymore time as it is (especially seeing that I brought back TXP-Cloud, against my own word - don't ruin it):

No more hacking attempts, okay? You guys (who hacked TXP-Cloud) realy messed up things; I had to push due dates back as a result. The next time, more than just TXP-Cloud will be killed off - for good :( I can't believe it even go this far (disappointment.png). As for TXP-Go!, that will be on the back burner until I finish dissecting the Linux 1.0 kernel/system copy I downloaded. I plan to use that as a basis for the boot loader, kernel, and C/C++ runtime environment that TXP-VOS will run on top of. The new repo doesn't reflect any of that yet because this attempt is somewhat new, and hasn't yielded any visible results yet (I'm also editing multiple essays, so don't start begging for updates). I'll return when I have something to show for the effort. In terms of TXP-MC:

Play time has been tight and hard to come by, so I haven't made any videos recently. With any luck, I hope to ate least make videos for the following days:
-Mother's Day
-First Day of Summer Break
-Father's Day

We also may have a new member showing up soon. The servers have been cold for a while because of recent security updates and lack of activity. A month ago, someone griefed the server while I was out, so I did something I never wanted to have to do; whitelisting. I had intended for the server to be open to anyone who wanted to see it or join TXP-MC and TXP-SMP. But, since the griefing incident, I have had no new players, and have chosen to close the server to any new players. As such, I will have to resort to using temporary servers whenever I want to host an open free-for-all (like I used to do, with my main server). As such, don't expect any big, open events anytime soon (at least until I finish high school in a couple of weeks). I also haven't done any new MC art; that's because I'm working on a new TF fanfic timeline, and will be trying to fishish editing it by the start of this summer. Also, it looks as though I won't be doing any MCPE activity anymore; I don't have to necesary software or devices to do it like I used to (screen recorder gave out, can't find a working one). Sorry.

But, in terms of new things, I am getting into proving new services on Fiverr! I will be mainly providing Jailbreaking, Rooting, Windows 7/Apple OS X, and Minecraft server help. So, if you have any questions about getting help with one of those things, contact me on Fiverr. I also have a new e-mail account, for those of you who would like to help fund the TXP-Network in new ways:

To help with funding in other ways, simply make use of the links below:

TXP-Network - Main Site

TXP-MC World Series


To start making money yourself, goto

Speaking of jailbreaking and rooting, I have a jailbroken iPodTouch 2G (WhiteD00r and RedSn0w) and a rooted Kindle Fire G1 (vRoot and KingUser). They both work extremely fast, and I can't reccomend freeing up the mobile devices enough. For the crazy ones who wish to be a differnt type od user, go for it.

In terms of recent events, Baltimore city has seen its share of unrest recently, and as such, I am a bit concerned about the well being of the one and only Charm City. The news about the new curfew is also a bit worrying, but that is not the main issue. If people continue to destroy their community, there will be nothing for the next generation to have. I've already seen and heard about a few stores that weren't coming back after their franchises were robbed. This impacts the local economy and reduces the number of available jobs. Even if Freddie Gray's death was caused by police actions, does that give one the right to deprive others of certain needs by destroying the city they dwell in? This mindless, heartless destruction will seed nothing good in long-term. Also, if race truly is an issue, why isn't anyone paying attention to "black-on-black" violence and death rates? That should be handled too. Police aren't the main cause of death, and have a job to do; enforce law. They can't be there for everything, and are at risk of harm or even death on a daily basis. They have every right to worry for their own safety, and even have families that they want to return to at the end of a long day. The current times aren't as bright as they should be.

Therefore, I ask of the protesters:

Please use peaceful means of protest, and be considerate of others. The community depends upon its people NOT tearing each other apart. Leave something behind for the next generation, and stop blaming the cops for African American deaths.

The race issue is no more. We are in an advanced age where no one or thing (but yourself) holds you back, and opportunities run abound. People from all over the world come to the escape a terrible environment or to gain opprotunities they never had (while still many more sadly can't escape their situation), and there are those of us who claim that the U.S. is a bad place to live in. Try going to other countries and see if you can find better. Those who claim that racism is still a major issue have forgotten of what African Americans faced just 5 decades ago; times were much worse then. Part of making the U.S. better is getting an education; learn about your history and your government. Until then, to those who call the U.S. their home, don't tear down a nation, but instead make it better if you so choose:

“And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.”

Your fellow Americans will thank you for it in the future. This is TopHat, signing out...

God Speed, and God Bless.