Friday, June 19, 2015

TXP-Network Policy Changes

Due to recent events that I care not to mention, new policies are being implemented:

These policies will be enforced no later than July 1st 2015. Please study them.

BTW, if you actually want to contact me, pleas e-mail me first. Provide internet username and purpose before initiating further contact. If you do attempt to Skype me without an initiating e-mail, you will be ignored.

Good Day.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

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Recent Headlines:

Greece is possibly going to default soon.

Germany's not happy either.

ISIS likes social media (bad).

The government's been breached/cracked (again - how do they still have their jobs?).

More tech-related security headlines.

World news.

Market headlines.

Minimum wage has some of us sitting on the fence.

BWT, Boeing's in the news!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Transformers: Too Complicated to Call!

The Transformers: G1 continuity has been pretty convoluted by some past events. Here is a snapshot of the original G1 story and concept:

Unfortunately, if you like to go by the Japanese/manga version of the events that transpired, you got the KissPlayers near the end, leaving a nasty taste in your mouth:

Then, Hasbro yelled "Reboot Time!". Thus, the Unicron Trilogy:

But then, Takara and friends said that nothing is that simple. First, this:

Let's smash G1 and Beast Wars together!:

Then, that:

FYI, Brave Maximus (TF:RID 2001) crash-landed into various areas associated with the Unicron Trilogy in a space/time accident, essentially. Meanwhile:
(Let's not forget issue #4 - that's the WTF moment)

Which all leads to one thing:

Which then leads to this:


Good thing that Transformers: Animated and the New Aligned Continuity is seperate from all of the previous content. That would be a mess all on its own. It all starts after the end of the Unicron Trilogy...

EDIT :: But now, we have a problem. I remember someone saying that the 2007 Live-action film was considered a part of G1 at one point (until something that left a bad aftertaste for years did something good for once).

If that's true, and TF: Rise of the Dark Spark happened, would Transformers: War for Cybertron, TF: Prime, and TF: Age of Extinction all be connected? By doing TF: Rise of the Dark Spark, Hasbro helped the Japanese link the Aligned Continuity with the Live-action continuity - that includes the 2007 movie as well. Which then connects to G1?

At least Kiss Players did this (still not off the hook): "also made the rather bizarre claim that the 2007 live-action movie also somehow took place in the Japanese Generation 1 continuity in 2007, but this was not reflected by the accompanying flow-chart, and was established to not be the case by the Kiss Players timeline (which noted that the movie-verse Autobots and Decepticons came from another universe)."

But, Aligned continuity is still connected to the Live-Action continuity. Where in the Live-Action continuity did TF: Prime fit in?

Well, that's just Prime.

Nuff said. With even my years of experience and research, this nearly destroys my brain. Any opinions/suggestions?