Sunday, May 17, 2015

TXP-Scholar Update #2 - I'm Going to College (again)!

Community college finals are coming up this week, and I have admissions requirements to meet (writing essays, getting doctor's notes, etc.). It's going to be a bit busy, but not as busy as it was when I last caught up with you guys (hectic to say the least). I hope that I will be able to top the Mother's Day event I pulled, because I didn't prepare for it as well as I usually do. I usually have video events, video guests, and new media uploads ready for you guys, but the tight schedule got in the way for the first time in months. So, I may try to do a late event/upload. That means I may do a new gaming video, update video, and blog post. I also plan to start updating all websites again before the summer hits. Stay tuned; I'm going to college before the fall season even gets a chance to settle in! I'll make sure to keep all of you in the loop where possible...

P.S. I'm always a student first, programmer second, content creator third!
P.S.s. I'll be busy for a while, now; what did I just get myself into?

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