Monday, August 10, 2015

A Personal Quote

People are like atoms. They have orbits of varying energy levels, with the furthest reaches of the electron cloud being interchangeable with other atoms.
People have orbits and networks consisting of other people in relative fashion. Those further away from centre are interchangeable and rarely make a difference.
Like a subatomic dance, the electrons, the people, frantically switch in and out of position as time and relationships progress - a play of sorts, organized chaos.

People and atoms also have properties that make them unique.
Personalities are like isotopes and moods are like ionic states. They can change over time.

But also like atoms, people all have binding properties that define us as one.
They all have the same parts.

Matter, like society, can't exist with out its components.
Matter needs atoms, and society needs people - responsible, dedicated, ethical people.

Human chemistry depends upon a change in a single factor - will you be that change?

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