Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cookies and Stupidity

This is something that we all should have learned about back in grade school. Why the heck is it a surprise to so many? Personalized services come at a price - esp. free ones. The fact that the EU requires a notice for this really says something - with all of the tech gadgets and junk we've managed to make and get our hands on, we've become even less technologically literate. More people don't even know how things like this work, and explaining it to them ends up being a waste of time as a result. Where did Comp Sci: Grade School go? Instead of sitting around making shell apps all day and teaching web markup, we should be teaching people the basics of computing and (Big) data/IT. Whenever this finally happens, we'll finally get a break from people saying that they didn't know a cookie can track them - it's old news. It's up to you to Hide Your @$$.
With that said, my rant is over. Now, for those of us who know better than to assume that no one is watching what we do online, a small joke:

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