Sunday, January 31, 2016

What I'd Like to See in Minecraft 1.9

Yesterday, I wrote a post about the new combat update and what I liked, overall, about it. Today, I'll give a list of changes and additions I'd like to see inGame. Please bear inMind that these suggestions were compiled from various resources from across the internet, and personal gaming experience. Props to Reddit, props to PvP'rs, props to builders. Let's start with changes:

- CobWebs should catch certain items. Seriously.
- Boats should never have required shovels.
- Boats should never be faster onLand than a sprinting player. Logic.
- Sneaking should not cost you hunger. Ever.
- Lapiz is overrated. Kill it. It's a gimmick.
- Enchantments inGeneral need an overhaul. Start with adjustments to Strength and Power enchants.
- Please mark the spawnpoint again. I want to remember where I spawned.
- Where's my Sky Dimension?

Now, for the additions:

- New structures and dungeons (more variable adventure elements).
- New mobs (bosses mainly).
- Adventure log that tracks your coordinates (not forced to F3 constantly).
- Strafing and dodging for players and mobs. Double tap directional keys to strafe/dodge in the given direction. Sprint stays the same (tap and hold).
- Better blocking - also, please improve hit boxes. Critical hit enhancements are nice too.
- New projectile physics that account for movement of the projectile's source (for bows and throwables).
- We want crossbows (new weapons), and we want straighter projectile paths (new enchantment).
- Armor damage zones - a hit to the torso does not damage my helmet.
- Minimal weapons cooldown - limit spamming, while not disabling the player (hordes are already dangerous enough).
- New weapons - long sword, short sword, dagger, spear, bow staff, battle axe, war hammer. We wants destructive power.
- Can XP be used to repair selected items in Inventory? Would be nice...
- Backpacks? Portable Crafting Tables?
- Server lag and ping issues should not affect PvP the way it currently does. It hurts the multiplayer experience.
- Dual Wielding (and dominant hand preference). No confusion here.
- A more generally-Unified combat experience, as outlined in my previous blog post.


  1. I agree with some, but others like more weapons or xp repairing arent useful. I mean there are mods for that. Plus I feel like 1.9 took a lot of the survival feel from Minecraft.

    1. That is a good point. I have to say, for a combat update, 1.9 doesn't seem to live up to its name.

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