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TXP-Network College Update :: 02/20/16

Hey guys! What's Up on the U-Box?!?

How was your week? Your month? Your previous year? Weird questions, right? Until you realize that I've been pretty much offline for most of 2016, post-January so far. As such, I have a lot of catching up to do. Let's start with somethings that would be more important to you, the users and viewers.

- TXP-Cloud is in danger of being halted/cancelled - again. And TXP-Go! is dead for now. Pretty sad stuff, right?

TXP-Cloud was pretty difficult to accommodate for, and originally, it was planned that it would be killed off by the end of last year. But, due to a chain of circumstances, that pretty much edge on being miraculous, TXP-Cloud was made possible for the long-term.

TXP-Cloud was conceived around the same time that the TXP-Network was undergoing major changes and updates. During this particular update, the websites for TXP-Network SWD, TXP-Technologies, The ReadingRoom 101, and TXP-MC World Series were all being given new life. In the past, all of these websites were made in custom HTML 4, and were designed to be static pages that were read from top to bottom. They were also hosted on GrendelHosting, and made use of a great deal of external scripts to operate (ex. the js navigation drop-down menu, the 3D photo gallery, etc.)
During the update, however, these websites were transferred to HTML 5 templates (HTML5Up), and moved to Freezoy. The host that was originally planned for TXP-Cloud, due to the loose limitations and decent programming environment, was GrendelHosting. However, in an effort to simplify managing all websites simultaneously, TXP-Cloud was sent over to Freezoy as well - it didn't go over too well. As a result, TXP-Cloud was sent back to GrendelHosting, causing for the TXP-Network sub-domains to be slightly different ( versus
Freezoy was (and still is) good for websites that require very little data storage, and are simply viewed, rather than those that work off of interaction and dynamic data exchange (cloud platform). As such, TXP-Cloud and TXP-Go! would obviously do better with GrendelHosting, which had fewer restrictions on what could and couldn't be hosted on their servers. This worked for a while, but won't work for much longer. GrendelHosting is dying.
As such, TXP-Cloud and TXP-Go! (two major TXP-Network websites) have to be moved to new locations by the beginning of March. As of now, all websites are down for updates and maintenance, and there;s no telling when they'll be going back up. In relation to those who may ask, "Why not InfinityFree?", here is an unsent snippet of my experience with them (not as good as GrendelHosting - never going back):

Dear InfinityFree,
As you have stated before, GrendelHosting is going away in a few weeks. As such, I have attempted to move one of my websites from GrendelHosting servers to the new InfinityFree servers. However, this is proving to be a bit problematic, to say the least. In the past, while using GrendelHosting, my websites rarely went down, and when they did go down, I was usually given a reason for why it had gone down. In addition to this, GrendelHosting also had expedient customer service, which made it easy to communicate with them and fix any issues that they had with my website(s). As such, I have hosted around 5-6 websites with them in the past. Now, due to changes in how I provide content on the internet, things have changed. TXP-Cloud is one of my main websites, and as such, I would like for it to stick around for a while. But, with the way it's been going so far, it's getting more and more difficult to keep all of my websites online - especially when I get an e-mail that goes like this:

Dear user,

Your InfinityFree account with username ************* has been suspended! Your website is currently offline and control panel functionality has been limited severely.
The following reason was reported for your suspension:


If you want to request reactivation, please send an e-mail to ###################. Be sure to include your account username 
************* and to state clearly that this is regarding an account suspension.

Thank you for using our services,

**Please note the following line:**

How am I supposed to know what I've done wrong? Things like this force me to initiate redundancy systems:


In addition to this, I had to wait 1-2 days for a customer service response, which left any website visitors I had with no service or information about my service for 2-3 days (my website is still down). I'm a fulltime college student, and have lot's of things to manage besides this website (which is one of over 10 that I currently manage). But TXP-Cloud means a lot to me - I can't just let this go. I've been working with the following webhosts over the years:


And possibly others that I can't recall at the moment. All of these web-hosts provided two things in common - expedient response channels and plainly-delineated rules/limitations. When I mention rules/limitations, I am referring to what I am and am not allowed to do with my website at any given time. I was having noticeable issues with FTP transfers when uploading my website, and as a result, never finished moving all files. Then, mid-transfer, the website suddenly stopped working - no transfers were allowed, and the index.html file did not display when I went to the website URL. Disruptions like this make it difficult to move websites, especially when there's a time limit. I hope that we can agree on that. As such, I am forced to reconsider my hosting options, in an effort to provide a seamless service. I would like to stay on InfinityFree - but in order to do so, the type of ambitiousness observed above needs to stop. This is something I've never encountered before from the web-hosts I mentioned above. Please, work with me instead of against me.

Internet Content Provider,

As you can see, since I didn't even send this in, I have already lost my patience for this particular web-host. In fact, this is pretty much the only web-host that has done me in like this before. And, to add insult to injury, the only reason this was ever resolved  was due to my Freezoy account - somehow (not to my knowledge), the Freezoy account I had had for years was now linked to the InfinityFree account I had just made one day ago. At this point, issues with the InfinityFree account had effects that trickled over to my previously well-to-do Freezoy account. The account that had had no issues for months on end. Come to find out, InfinityFree and Freezoy use the same service provider, which caused for both of my unsuspecting accounts to be linked - without me knowing it. This caused for a lot of website shutdowns recently, and put me on edge, to say the least. The Freezoy account, and its decent customer service, saved my tail when InfinityFree came crashing down.
I'm just glad I didn't give them a dollar or two for online services. But, I digress. Currently, I'm working to see if I can somehow get TXP-Cloud hosted on Freezoy. It will be difficult (if not impossible), but I want to have something that I provide at some point, instead of just being another voice on the interwebs. :) With the way things are going right now, TXP-Go! may have to be pushed back to 2018. In other words, during my time in college, one of my web-hosts died. Now, I have to react - before I loose my websites (TXP-Cloud and TXP-Go!). And I still haven't updated any of the websites since December 2015 - thanks in part to InfinityFree for the unsightly delay. Playing catch-up isn't fun...

Now for point two...

- I answer questions and do discussions on the internet - hit me up on a request sometime!

I answer questions on the following websites:

Stack Exchange



PhysicsForum (someone may be interested in the site that I only posted on once a year until 2014?)

Science Forum (another abandoned interest that never really took off)

CodeCall Forums (the site I went to while I was actively programming in more than 5 languages)

CNet (where my tech interest began - n00b years)

Last point -

- I haven't been on YouTube in a while - sorry for he delayed content season :(

Due to the issues delineated above, in addition to the approaching midterms, I have had little time for fun. Heck, even my friends on Skype haven't heard from me. But I'm not dead, and I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth. There. But the content season will have to wait - maybe late February (29th)? I'll see if I can do the following - the new Transformers mod, the latest 1.9 update (I did a blog post about this weeks ago), a new Map (with TreeHugger10 and others) and possibly, some WynnCraft. I say WynnCraft with a heavy if - things have changed on that server, and the mods were not of much help. But I, as a TXP-MC member, think we can make the best of a situation handed to us. The new system is a bit strange, so we will have to learn the following:

1) What are the 4 new reserved slots for? **
1a) How does a player use them? **
2) Do Liquid Emeralds still work/apply? **
2a) Can they be converted/used at banks? **
3) Our Skill Points were reset, and we was given 35 or so points when I entered the Update Room
- Is this the amount of points we had before, or a fixed/default amount?
4) Our Items were all reset, and we had to re-Identify whatever we could afford. We also lost all Powder Effects.
- Should item re-Identification cause loss of previous Effects? **
- How will Powders work in the next Update (heard that they were being worked on currently)?
5) Since the Update, all of our armor is also unusable.
- Is this normal?
- Should we re-Identify this as well, or start from scratch?
6) We heard that there was a supposed lag issue - this includes me.
- Are there any optimizations you could suggest for our computers during gameplay?
7) Should we start a new class instead of trying to redo everything we had before? **

As such, answering these questions will allow us to adapt to the newer WynnCraft. Please keep in mind that some of these questions have already been answered **. I may be discussiong those in an upcoming video about the new WynnCraft servers. If you have any questions, be sure to hit TXP-MC up when the site comes back again - or try my business e-mail (posted on the YouTube page). I may also do some other videogames over Easter and Spring break if all goes as planned - but don't count on it. :(

I believe that constitutes the majority of what I meant to mention. I'll cover other things in the upcoming TXP-Network update.

Oh - remember this? -
TeamXtreme still doesn't work on Windows 10, and TXP-MC will be providing a download link for an alternative in a few days.

Until then, here is the alternate download:

Peace! :)

TopHatProductions115 - 2016

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