Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Windows Has Its Moments - Coming Soon!

Maybe Windows could have turned out better. Maybe not. Through the course of computer history, Microsoft has made moves with its prized OS, Windows (and related products), that have been genius, average, or just plain stupid.  In this blurb, I will be going over my personal, Top 5 Moves in Hardware, Software, and Compatibility that Microsoft made with the Microsoft Windows OS (and related products), starting from Windows 93 (anyone who hasn't been living under a rock for the last 25 years will get that one). I hope you enjoy!

1) Windows XP and "LongHorn" (tech enthusiasts will know what this is)

2) Windows Mobile OS - COMPAQ iPAQ

3) Microsoft Zune and Zune HD

4) Microsoft POSIX Subsystem attempt - Interix

5) Microsoft Office Online

Please note that I have left Windows 10 off of this list. It took me some time to compile this, and after months of scouring the internet, I have no reason to put any versions of Windows OS after 7 on this list. While Windows 10 started out as a decent rendition of the OS, they left too many bugs and issues in the final product for my liking. I have seen enough to say that Windows 10 is a patch job, and a rushed one at that. The Insider Program is the only reason that I really "upgraded" to Windows 10, and I might even rollback to Windows 7. While I was happy with their initial take at this, I am now disappointed - they have a slew of issues that even their engineers can't currently handle, leaving customers in the dark. I feel even worse for those who bought pro licences and above. The review I did of it was for the first version of the update. If you can, rollback to that and see if it works (jk - not recommended).

More coming soon...

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