Monday, December 14, 2015

College - First Semester Comes to an End

As the  first semester comes to an end, I can look back and say that there are a lot of things that I liked about the last few months, and a few I wish I had done differently. Nonetheless, I intend to make the best of my time, and will be getting back to content production over the break, if possible. I have new videos planned, and really want to try out a few new ideas with the ever-growing audience of the TXP-Network. I also have a few things to try in terms of software development and programming as well:

As for programming tasks, I have chosen to redesign my private kernel implementation to revolve around five main tasks:

-memory management (new, malloc, remove, etc.) and paging
-safe/real mode switching management
-32-bit runtime support (allows for more CPUs to be supported - not everyone has 64-bit access)
-C/C++ runtime availability (through C++Abi and Linux)
-hardware virtualization (not yet confirmed)

The last  point would make hardware compatibility less of an issue later in development, when looking into code that requires direct access to hardware. Doing something similar to a VM, that would provide a generalized/generic interface for programs requesting access to bare metal. This would remove the need for a driver in the OS. This design is probably going to be difficult for me, but I'll figure it out.

As for new content on YouTube, stay tuned - more is on the way. I know that I've been offline for a while, but it's for a good cause. I intend to get a Technology based career that will allow me to tinker in both software and hardware if possible. But, it's getting late now.

Good night to the TXP-Network, and for any new users,

Welcome to the Galaxy!

Edit - New (Version of an old) Essay!

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